The summer has been spent reviewing your downloads from your trail cams and you are excited to see some large trophies in your hunting area. So you prepare through late summer and into fall making sure of your aim and that all your equipment is working properly.

After double checking all your equipment you wait for the sunrise to lighten the sky, slowly it begins to get brighter and you here a noise directly in front of you.

You take your shot without breathing you take careful aim and pull the trigger. Your trophy is down and you have another wonderful season in your belt.

Without proper care of your taxidermy mount you can be causing the demise of your mount quicker than you think. By neglect or maybe with too much attention your mount’s life could be getting shorter, not longer.

You have worked to hard to let your trophy be destroyed by neglect, bugs, and dirt.

One thing that has come to my attention is dirt in a clean trophy room.

But I can find spots in those rooms that are feeding grounds for harmful bugs.

These areas are neglected by most home owners and house keepers, cleaners, and maids.

This spot could have been neglected since the house was built, or maybe yours gets cleaned with a thorough Spring cleaning.

Get your vacuum out and suck these areas off and then wipe them down.