It’s summertime and the heat is on! Your thoughts turn to heading for the nearest beach or lounging by the pool. But as a mature woman over 50, you dread pulling out that matronly one piece bathing suit and would love to find a sexy two piece to wear. Don’t despair. Here are some tips for purchasing the two piece swimsuit of your dreams.

Measure Yourself

Take your measurements before you leave for the store or go online. Due to weight fluctuations and aging, the swimsuit that may have fit you a few years ago, may not fit you today. Generally speaking bikini tops are usually the same size as your bra. So if you wear a 36 C bra you are likely to wear the same size swimsuit top. However, it is always a good idea to measure your chest and under bust to make sure. Your numerical size is your chest measurement and your cup size is the difference between your chest and under bust measurement. Every inch is equivalent to one larger cup size.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix and Match

The greatest thing about swimsuits today is that you don’t have to buy a matched set. Many bathing suits are sold as separates, allowing you to pick the top and bottom of your choosing. This helps with silhouette variations like pear shaped women who may have hips that are larger than their chest. It also gives you the freedom to mix and match styles, creating several options from just a few pieces.


Always search for colors that look good with your skin tone. Mature women tend to shy away from colorful suits and go for a simple black suit. The thinking behind this choice tends to be that black makes you look slimmer. While there is nothing wrong with a black suit, you can look svelte in a colorful suit that fits and flatters you. Think of colors that look good on you in your wardrobe and look for similar colors for your suit.

Find the Right Top

Today, bathing suit tops include barely there string bikinis, halters, bandeaus, bra tops, and tankinis. Regardless of which one you choose, fit is the key. String bikinis and bandeaus usually fit better on women who have smaller breasts that don’t need a lot of support. If you have larger breasts, look for bra tops or halters with an ample bands and straps to provide support. Also make sure the top has a snug fit and provides adequate coverage. When a bathing suit is wet and holding water, it can tend to expand and may leave your breasts exposed. Also, if your top is too small, your breasts can easily pop out of the top when you least expect it.

If you have concerns about your abdomen, you can also wear tankinis. Tankinis are two piece suits that have a water resistant tank top. For years, many considered tankinis as the frumpy swimsuit their mom wore to the beach. But, today there are some great styles that even younger women are wearing. With this option, you can feel confident with the coverage it provides but, still look sexy.

Make Sure the Bottom is Right

Try to find bottoms that accentuate your best features and flatter you. For example, if you have shorter legs and want to make them look longer, search for bottoms with a high cut on the thigh.

Keep in mind, that a two piece suit doesn’t have to be a bikini. If there are areas on your thighs that you would rather cover, look for two piece suits with skirts or briefs. If you may have concerns about your abdomen, like stretch marks or a little extra weight around your mid-section, consider bottoms that are high or mid-waisted.

But, if you don’t have any concerns about figure flaws, don’t overlook bikinis. Just because you are a mature woman doesn’t mean they are out of reach.

Make Sure the Swimsuit is Right for Your Activities

Some two piece suits are better for swimming, while others perform better if you are just lounging by the pool. If you want to do laps in the pool, or practice for your next triathlon; a string bikini in this case may not be your best option. A two piece with strong shoulder straps; made to sustain a lot of wear and tear would be a better choice.

But, if the goal is to look stylish while you catch some rays poolside, you can look at more decorative suits. These suits may have appliques, fancy trims, sequins, and have more delicate details than the typical swimsuits.